✗♥O ‘til we overdose.. I had to get it tatted. I’ve never heard a person as talented as The Weeknd. The ✗♥O movement is powerful. I never thought I’d ever get a tattoo. There comes a time when something is so profound and defines your life, feelings, and most of all the people in it in such a way that it will always mean something. It will always represent a portion of my life that’s unexplainable. The songs don’t reflect my lifestyle or what I go through on a day to day basis. The music in a twisted way is still the soundtrack to my year. Sometimes music can touch you or amaze you even when it doesn’t exactly embody your feelings. Sometimes music can just flat out impress you. I traveled to London Ontario to see him in his fourth concert appearance ever. It’s something I definitely don’t regret. It was powerful. It was amazing. We were close to the stage.. Extremely close. Since that moment it will always be ✗♥O ‘til we overdose..